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Hi, I'm Travis Paige and photography is my passion! When I started experimenting with photography, I discovered how important it is to my psyche. I enjoy the endless possibilities and directions photography can take. I'm still finding my niche and recently found interest in film photography. With over ninety years of amazing camera technology out there to explore, my goal is to share my discoveries with others. If you have an interest or passion for photography, let's talk!

My Comments on Using the Mamiya Cameras

Using the Mamiya RB67

The Mamiya RB67 is best for studio or tripod work, in my opinion. The camera is a little on the bulky side, and I always had it attached to a tripod. With it being a 6X7cm camera, its frame size is five times larger than a 35mm film camera. It is noticeable developing and scanning the negatives with the quality of the scans. I used the RB67 at a modeling shoot and on a hike to Little Dog Falls. The operation of the camera is different from a typical SLR camera. The shutter speed and the aperture are both built into the lens. The subject was easy to focus on using the large focus screen, but you must remember what you see is a reversed image of your subject. It takes very sharp images with a soft bokeh effect.

Using the Mamiya 645e

I love using the 645e. Functionality, film loading is easy, smaller, and less weight compared to the RB67 and advanced features such as auto exposure. The frame size is slightly smaller (6X4.4cm). I took the camera on vacation, hikes, a WWII reenactment, and even tried some infrared film. It can be difficult to focus, especially in low-light situations. Sometimes the rear film door opened on me from getting caught on something or vibration. Overall, a great medium-format camera that is a breeze to use.

Photos taken by Travis

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