Mike Tegart - About Me

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Mike Tegart- “Ever since I was born, I started getting older. I learned a lot along the way. For example, I studied art in college and fell in love with creating things. One such thing was photography, where I grew to thoroughly enjoy the process of developing film and working in the darkroom. I won a few awards and exhibited some photos. The ability to edit and manipulate images in the pre-digital age was such a joy. My work has been based on emotion, memories, and telling a story. Going deep but still staying light.”

My Comments on Using the Mamiya Cameras

Using the Mamiya 645E

I really enjoyed using the camera. It was straightforward and easy to use. I did have a miscommunication and thought I received the camera with a roll of film already loaded. A long hike and for a beautiful photo session yielded zero exposures. I should have known better, but these are the joys of working with film, its a real tangible thing filled with quirks and imperfections. For this project I wanted to play around with the depth of field to create some play with the focus and softness of the image. I chose to shoot in some fields and grasses for a bucolic landscape filled with some nostalgia blowing in the wind.

Photos Taken by Mike

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