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Travis Paige - About Me


Hi, I’m Travis Paige and photography is my passion. It all began when I received my first Kodak 110  film camera when I was twelve. Life got busy soon after and I didn’t have time to pursue my future lifelong hobby. When my wife, Kim, gifted me my first digital DSLR on our 20th wedding anniversary, my love for capturing life’s moments was rejuvenated. I have since combined my admiration of nature, abandoned places, and the beauty of everyday experiences with photography.

I am also the mastermind behind The Leica Project, but could not have done it without the help of some great local talent.

My Comments on Using the Leica IIIa

I remember seeing the camera for the first time when I was a kid and even then I said to myself, "How does this thing work"? It still amazes me with all the functionality in this camera for being manufactured in 1937. With the camera professionally cleaned and serviced before I used it for the first time, eased me a bit. Loading the camera can be a little tricky. The older film used to have a longer leader, so with all new rolls of film, a 4.5" leader has to be trimmed. The first time I used the camera, I did not push the film far enough into the make-up roll, so I took pictures of air all week. The camera has a rangefinder, which was a huge breakthrough. Accurate focusing on a subject was a huge advancement, but looking through a very small view-finder can be challenging, especially in low light conditions. Overall after using the camera for a few days, it became second nature. I was very impressed with the sub f/2.0 lens 50mm lens. Sometimes I wish I had a 35mm lens for closer shots. I can't wait to get the camera back after the project is over.

Film from 1938 (notice the longer leaders)

Photos Taken by Travis

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