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Ted Jerome - About Me

Ted Jerome has had a lifelong interest in photography. He shot in several film formats, mostly 35mm, and developed the film and printed in his darkroom through the 1970s. It wasn't until the early years of the digital revolution that his interest was set on fire, though, with a "one" megapixel Ricoh camera! As soon as better models became available, he moved up to them, leaving the Nikon Coolpix models behind for their DSLRs. Most recently, he switched to mirrorless Fuji cameras.

My Comments on Using the Leica IIIa

It was fascinating to learn to use this antique camera. I cut my photographic teeth on film rangefinders, so this wasn’t a huge leap, but the collapsible lens caught me a few times! Also, the viewfinder eyepiece is "so" small, that I found it difficult to confidently compose a frame, as I couldn’t see the whole rectangle from any one vantage, no matter how much I squinted. It was fun to actually handle and use this device, and I thank Travis for the privilege! All things considered, we’ve made huge progress in the succeeding decades!

Photos Taken by Ted

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