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Mike Tegart - About Me

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Mike Tegart- “Ever since I was born, I started getting older. I learned a lot along the way. For example, I studied art in college and fell in love with creating things. One such thing was photography, where I grew to thoroughly enjoy the process of developing film and working in the darkroom. I won a few awards and exhibited some photos. The ability to edit and manipulate images in the pre-digital age was such a joy. My work has been based on emotion, memories, and telling a story. Going deep but still staying light.”

My Comments on Using the Leica IIIa

Using the Leica camera was a treat. The process for me was similar to picking up an instrument in an antique store. My familiarity with film cameras gave me a basic understanding of all the dials, switches, and buttons, but to make it sing took some time. To find its voice and to create something to my liking I experimented with the settings while I worked to compose the shots. Of course, there’s no instant feedback and one never knows how the image will really look until the film is processed and the negative scanned or printed. It can be a gamble, it’s a joy I had forgotten. The suspense is often worth it. Did I create something of worth? Did I get the exposure right? What about the focus? In the end, I learned I hadn’t completely forgotten how to shoot with film and that the camera was forgiving. I had found the notes I was looking for with some success. It was, after all, made to create. I’m glad it fell into my hands and curious to see the other photographers work.

Photos Taken by Mike

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