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Lars Blackmore - About Me

I'm a Danish-Canadian business school graduate with a background in publishing and non-profit management, that somehow found himself in rural New England in 2002 and never looked back. When I'm not on assignment photographing in the Upper Valley or at my desk refining the final product for a client, I can more like than not be found on the Appalachian Trail with my Siberian husky.

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My Comments on Using the Leica IIIa

"You don't fully appreciate how spoiled rotten you are with a modern DSLR until you're forced to do things old school. Like, really old school. And doing so changes the way you think images. While you quickly realize that action shots are probably not realistic with an ancient Leica, the slower workflow leads to a more deliberate and involved process. Add to that the scarcity of film, the black-and-white medium, and the challenges of working the light meter and the range finder focus, and you end up being so much more aware of what you're doing with every shot. It becomes the very definition of a labor of love.

It's not easy, but well worth it.

And on the one hand, I was happy to put down the cumbersome old relic with the knobs and finicky, fragile dials, and get back to my workhorse DSLR with its multi-zone autofocus, 7fps shooting, and the luxury of instant replay on a full-color LCD display to check my work. On the other hand, I thoroughly enjoyed the deliberate process required to get the Leica to work its magic. It felt more authentic, somehow. Like creating a photo, not just taking a picture."

Photos Taken by Lars

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