The table below is my current camera collection. All but a few are not in working order. Interested in taking one out for a spin or need one for a prop or photo shoot, please feel free to drop me a note.

Camera Year Type Camera Image
Agfa Isolette 1930's Film
Agfa Isolette III 1950's Film
Argus C3 Mathmatic 1953 Film
Canon A-1 1970's-1980's Film
Canon A-1 1970's-1980's Film
Canon AE-1 1970's-1980's Film
Canon EOS Elan II 1990's Film
Canon EOS IX 1990's Film
Canon F-1 1970's Film
Canon FTb 1970's Film
Canon T70 1980's Film
Fujifilm Endeavor 4000ix SL 1990's Film
Fujifilm Finepix 1400z 2000's Film
Graflix Crown Graphic Special 1950's Film
Kodak Baby Brownie Special 1940's Film
Kodak Brownie Hawkeye 1950's-1960's Film
Kodak Brownie No 2 Box Camera 1901-1930's Film
Kodak Brownie Six-16 Box Camera 1930's Film
Kodak Duaflex II 1950's Film
Kodak Petite Model B 1929-1934 Film
Kodak Pocket Instamatic 20 1970's Film
Kodak S100EF 1980's Film
Kodak Six-20 No 1 Kodon 1930's Film
Kodak Vest Pocket Model B 1925-1934 Film
Leica IIIa 1937 Film
Leica IIIc 1941 Film
Leica IIIf 1954 Film
Mamiya 645E 2000-2005 Film
Mamiya RB67 Pro 1970's Film
Minolta X-700 1980's Film
Minolta X-700 w/motor 1980's Film
Nikon Coolpix 4800 2000's Digital
Nikon D3100 2010-2012 Digital
Nikon D50 2005-2006 Digital
Nikon D500 2016-? Digital
Nikon D70 2004-2006 Digital
Nikon D7100 2013-2015 Digital
Nikon F3 1980's Film
Nikon FG20 1980's Film
Nikon FM10 1990's Film
Nikon FM2 1980's-1990's Film
Nikon N6006 1990's Film
Nikon N80 2000-2005 Film
Olympus C-211 1999 Digital
Olympus Stylus Epic Zoom 80 DLX 1990's Film
Olympus Trip 35 1970's Film
Olympus XA 1980's Film
Polaroid Pronto Sonar One Step 1970's Film
Ricoh 500G 1970's Film
Ricoh AF-70 1980's Film
Ricoh FF3AF 1982 Film
Sony DSC-V1 2000's Digital
Yashica T4 Super 1990's-2002 Film
Yashica FX-D 1980's Film
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